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Choices to Remove a Tattoo by Laser

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Changing a tattoo or removing it completely are frequent requests in medical practices. You have to know certain things before starting, starting with the duration: laser tattoo removal is a long treatment.

Different lasers according to the color of the tattoo

To remove a tattoo, the dermatologist or aesthetic doctor will use a laser. It’s a photomechanical impact. The idea is to break up ink drops in the skin, until they reach the critical size of 5 or 10 microns: they are then resorbed by the body. The goal is to make ink dust..

The choice of laser – which is characterized by its wavelength – is based on the color of the tattoo:

Clear a Q Switch laser tattoo or Picosure tattoo removal machine?

Around the technology side, the Q Switch – that it’s possible to have KTP, Alexandrite or Yag – is generally used. But there’s a debate among experts around the comparative benefits of Q Switch technologies or even the so-known as Picosure tattoo removal machine, the most recent, also is the quickest … and also the most costly.

Picosure Laser Machine

Around the one hands, the Q Switch cost less however the treatment lasts longer because we are able to only do sessions every two several weeks, time the crusts caused through the laser are healed. However, the Picosure tattoo removal machine enables for closer sessions – each month – which counts when, inside a total time period of treatment, we move from 2 yrs to 1 year but it’s more costly. twenty to thirtyPercent of patients stop treatment prior to the finish, due to the time period of the second. I believe time saving from the PS is a vital advantage.

Do you know the prices for laser laser tattoo removal?

Using the Q Switch, count from 5 to fifteen sessions spaced by two several weeks. Most tattoos require under 10 sessions. From 150 to 300 € the session. Having a picosecond laser, count a couple of less sessions for the similar tattoo (for instance 12 instead of 15 in Q Switch), spaced per month. From 300 to 400 € the session.

The number of sessions are necessary to remove a tattoo?

For instance, a eco-friendly tattoo is a result of pigment compositions which, although giving exactly the same hue, can be quite different. The skin doctor can’t result in the difference upstream, and also the colors won’t leave in the same speed based on their fundamental molecules. Blue and eco-friendly tattoos harder to create. Although each tattoo is exclusive, it’s recognized that red tattoos would be the easiest to get rid of, in addition to blacks. The most challenging to get rid of are blue and eco-friendly. The Picosure tattoo removal machine is particularly interesting in Alexandrite to deal with black, but additionally blue and eco-friendly, what are hardest colors to transmit.



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