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Difference of Laser and IPL Hair Removal

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Laser, pulsed light (IPL), electrolysis … Several methods of permanent hair removal are available on the market, so it may seem difficult to decide on one of them. Do not worry, it’s easier than you think to find the method that’s right for you! Certainly, they are all effective and they all have different advantages to meet different special needs.

Laser hair removal machine and intense pulsed light: What is the difference?

Although definitive laser hair removal is different in some respects from pulsed light (IPL), these two techniques have many similarities. Thus, the principle used by them to remove hair is the same. Both actually use light waves that, once absorbed by the skin, convert to heat to permanently destroy hair follicles.

  • In addition, these two techniques:
    1200w 808nm Diode Laser hair Removal Machine Handpiece Advantages
    Treat every area except the eyebrow arcade
    Require typically 8 treating complete elimination of hair (ten to twelve treatments might be essential for greater hair regrowth or men)
    Need a break of 6 days in between each treatment
    Works optimally on pale skin and dark hair
    Can’t treat blond, red and white-colored hairs

Both have a similar limitations and contraindications, especially regarding the sun exposure that will be proscribed throughout treatment. Even though they are extremely similar, you may still find some variations between both of these techniques that may, based on your requirements as well as your particular needs, tilt your choice to particular method. So :

The laser emits just one wave length inside a straight line utilizing a narrow tip while pulsed light emits different wavelengths having a much bigger tip.
Because of the highly concentrated appearance from the waves released through the laser, the felt puppy nip is much more painful than that felt throughout a pulsed light treatment.
Because of the wider tip used during pulsed light treatment, the time period of a session is shorter than the usual laser session.
Unlike pulsed light with a special tip for this function, it’s not easy to treat dark or black skin with laser

The pulsed light, that is a technology also employed for the photorejuvenation, enables simultaneously a noticable difference of the look of your skin (stains, rosacea, texture, etc.)



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