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Facelift Without Pain or Surgery by Hifu Beauty Machine

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Intense Focused Ultrasound is really a new technique targeted at inducing immediate skin rejuvenation. It’s nonsurgical, non-invasive and doesn’t lead to social crowding. This effective and safe technique, non-surgical, non-invasive, resulting in no social eviction. This latest technique uses ultrasound energy which, by coagulation points, will induce rejuvenation by recreating new collagen (neo collagen synthesis) because of a rise in the skin as well as an immediately visible cutaneous retraction. You will find three kinds of depth of action used: 1.5 mm (epidermis), 3 mm (deep skin) and 4.5 mm (muscles), which is associated with treatment indications.

The delivered energy rises to two joules unlike Portable Ultrasound Hifu Facelift Machinethe very first machines that have been clamped at 1.2J. Additionally, the most recent ultrasound hifu facelift machine is painless, considerably more effective and significantly less costly.


Sagging skin all over the face, especially the oval
Toning of the skin
Eyelids drooping, eyebrows
Double chin

This care can be performed on any type of skin, and phototype, and at any time of the year.


Taking anticoagulants or aspirin

No skin preparation is needed and sun setting isn’t a contraindication. The session lasts about half an hour. The specialist will apply onto the skin an ultrasound gel allowing the great conduction of ultrasound. Several passages are created based on the kind of skin, the thickness and the position of the treatment. With respect to the area treated, three pieces with various hands exist with regards to the selected depth. A tingling sensation and small electrical discharges could be felt with respect to the depth, the region treated and also the sensitivity from the patient.

Natural and immediate effect. Following the session, your skin is slightly pink tingling and subcutaneous tenderness might be felt for any couple of days, mild edema can be done. Your skin is firm and tight. You will find potential risks connected using the treatment. The lifting effect increases after 15 days and it is optimal after 3 to 6 several weeks because of cellular regeneration. a minimum of two sessions are essential, spaced per month apart but for the oblong from the face we should you prefer a protocol of three sessions.



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