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Fat Freezing Mmedical Device Eliminates Localized Fat

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With this particular release, fat freezing is the main thing on non-invasive treatments, because this technology uses controlled cooling to identify and destroy just the fat cells, which disappear permanently.

Extra fat situated in specific parts of the body or underneath the face may be the first aesthetic concern for Spanish and also the second for Spanish (behind cellulite). To deal with this issue, 65% of males and 57% of ladies could be prepared to undergo non-surgical procedure within the next 2 yrs. Using these figures up for grabs and to be able to offer patients a non-invasive solution, Allergan just presented fat freezing, cure that eliminates permanently located excess fat.

“In Allergan we’re dedicated to innovation and non-invasive treatments to provide patients the potential of obtaining the best form of themselves without getting to undergo the operating room, as well as acquiring natural and lasting results,” states Flavio Azank, director physician of Allergan. fat freezing, he adds, “is supported by greater than 70 clinical publications, and it has nearly 6,000 devices set up in greater than 70 countries.”

The fat freezing technology is dependant on cryolipolysis, that’s, it uses controlled cooling to identify and destroy just the adipose cells. “fat freezing functions on fat under the skin, but preserves your skin and tissues,” states Dr. Carlos Jarne, specialist in aesthetic medicine and medical director from the Toscana Center in Barcelona. Following the treatment, which could last between 35 and 75 minutes with respect to the area and the amount of applicators, your body processes adiposity naturally within the next 3-4 days and removes dead cells with the body. urine and sweat.

The outcomes of fat freezing are lengthy-term, because the treated adipose cells disappear permanently. “You will find proven results as much as nine years following the treatment,” states Dr. Jarne, who recalls by using fraxel treatments you are able to treat the outer and inner face from the thighs, the subgluphate area, the abdomen, the flanks, the arms, the adiposity from the back, the bust and also the double face. “It’s especially suggested for men and women who, despite taking proper care of their diet program and dealing hard in sports, don’t have the ability to get rid of the more than localized fat and define themselves contour,” she states.

Fat freezing machine is definitely an exclusive treatment because “additionally to to be the only cryolipolysis medical device approved through the U . s . States Food and drug administration and also the European Medicines Agency (EMA), it’s two patented systems that guarantee liporeductive effectiveness and provide a great profile of security: CoolControl and FreezDetect “, states the specialist.

Fat freezing machine detects your body temperature from the place to be treated and adjusts it best temperature, that is maintained through the treatment to attain apoptosis (elimination) from the fat cells. Because of its part, FreezDetect measures the temperature with the thermosensors from the applicators and, whether it detects an unpredicted variation with chance of thermal damage, the device stops.”In one session you are able to eliminate between 25% from the accrued fat, that is visually a great deal, and 40%.” With respect to the situation, another refresher session with fat freezing can be viewed as following a couple of several weeks, “explains Dr. Jarne. Within this sense, based on research conducted in The country, the parts of the body that many concern women and men are: the abdomen (79%), the flanks (56%), the interior and outdoors from the leg (37% and 32%). %), jowls (31%), arms (24%), adopted by chest, chest and bottom (22%).

“The physical remains an obsession for most from the Spanish population,” reveals Dr. Jarne. “The advance this treatment produces will raise the patient’s confidence in themself, which is an instantaneous stimulus to recuperate proper eating routine and workout,” he states.In contrast to surgical treatments, fat freezing “may be the only fat loss treatment by controlled cooling that enables to get rid of accrued fat permanently and completely undetected through the patient’s family and work atmosphere, because it enables so that it is incorporated immediately into its This really is impossible to attain, for instance, via a liposuction which involves anesthesia, surgery, points, girdle, etc. “



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