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Firm Up the Skin for Eyes

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We can make the comparison between our collagen fibers and those of a wool sweater. When you wash your sweater with hot water, it shrinks because the wool fibers contract under the effect of heat. This is exactly what we want to achieve with radio frequency: a contraction of collagen and elastin fibers contained in the skin and in the supporting tissue of muscles and facial fat, In which cases? The skins appear relaxed, less elastic, with an oval that loses its definition.

How it works ? The doctor spreads a fresh gel on the face, then passes the tip of the machine, zone by zone. No, it does not hurt. Yes, it is unpleasant in places where the skin is the finest (the neck, the eye area). We feel intense tingling (we actually receive heat pulses at 42 ° C). When the doctor has treated half of the face, he hands you a mirror. The difference is so brilliant compared to the untreated part, we forget the tingling. We must continue! The session ends with fifteen minutes under the LED light that soothes the skin and stimulates the skin cells.

The result: strictly no mark. We go back to work and we look good all day. After two months, the skin has found rebound, flexibility, and wrinkles are significantly reduced. You are told that you have a great complexion, even if you are tired. Moral side, it helps. Allow about three sessions of one and a half hours, spaced one or two months, then one per year, for maintenance.

Thanks to microneedles that deliver soft thermal energy into the dermis, then a galvanic current, this new technology boosts cell activity and the production of young tissue without overheating the skin, which I think is preferable without pain, social exclusion or adverse effects.In which cases? Before the time of the facelift, when the skin begins to relax and lose its substance.

How it works ? A bit like radio frequency. The doctor applies a gel to the face and slowly moves the head of the device to the areas to be treated. It stings with every pulse. Annoying but not painful. We finish with a cocktail of vitamins and a few minutes of LED. Leaving, the face is a little pink, nothing more. The next day, no trace!The result: in a twenty-minute session, it plumps, looks good and, above all, improves the texture of the skin, including fine lines and acne scars. In fact, the effect is gradual and intensifies over the days, especially on the neck and oval. For a change of heart, the ideal is to combine two to four sessions eight days apart.The principle: to reposition tissues and volumes without scalpel and scars, thanks to suspension strings in polylactic acid (Silhouette Soft), used for a long time in surgery, and 100% resorbable.

How’s it going ? No operating room needed The doctor makes local anesthesia at the points of entry and exit of the son he passes under the skin with a thin rounded needle. We shoot a little and that’s all. Equipped with minicones, the threads are anchored in the tissues where they will be absorbed in two years while stimulating the formation of collagen. Thus, you can redraw an oval, back a cheekbone, an eyebrow, a sagging neck, or even the inside of the arms.



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