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How to Say Goodbye to Your Tattoo

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The use of certain lasers allows, in most cases, the total disappearance of the tattoo. To date, only a doctor can offer this type of treatment.

In reality, the pigment deposited in your skin is too large to be able to be eliminated naturally by the white blood cells present in the epidermis, which is why your tattoo persists.

The key of picosecond laser tattoo removal machine would be that the pigment will burst into small particles, that will then be vulnerable enough to become eliminated through the white-colored bloodstream cells. The second are cells which defend us against microbes or foreign elements entering your body by “absorbing” them (principle of phagocytosis), but could only act if how big these components is affordable.

Thus, laser tattoo removal, performed by professional tattoo artists, traumatic (accidentally from the road …), rituals / ethnic (North Africa, Mali …) can disappear. It’s also easy to remove centering marks following radiotherapy.

Applying an anesthetic cream a minimum of 1 1 / 2 hrs prior to the laser tattoo removal session reduces discomfort. Throughout the session, you can observe an instantaneous whitening (frosted aspect) from the treated area, a greyish appearance. The lesion may well experience slight bleeding and swelling.

After that, the skin could be the victim of certain effects:

Crusts are feasible for a couple of days after picosecond laser tattoo removal, maximum for just two days (don’t scratch).

Redness may persist for any couple of days.

Most from the pigment is going to be eliminated within the crusts, however the pigment could be eliminated within days or perhaps several weeks.

It’s important to consider certain safeguards: you have to safeguard yourself in the sun until complete healing. Additionally, in situation of multiple sessions, the interval between 2 sessions is two to three several weeks minimum.

The amount of sessions is decided based on the nature, the depth and also the density from the pigment, and defined based on the result acquired following the first session (amateur tattoos acquired by scarification or stings leave in two to five sessions, ritual tattoos similarly, professional tattoos produced by dermograph want more sessions, tattoos in lines go quicker than individuals entirely sketches …).

Fast or black tattoos are simpler to depart than yellows or reds, or emerald eco-friendly tattoos are the most challenging to get rid of.

But be assured, there’s no recourse of scarring or infection if publish-laser care is conducted correctly. Make sure to wash both hands before dressing, and don’t scratch the crusts.

This surgical procedure isn’t reimbursed through the social security (with the exception of situation of tattooing within an accident) as well as your physician can make a quote prior to the first session.

It’s frequently more pricey to possess a picosecond laser tattoo removed rather than be inked, so consider the kind of tattoo, its meaning, and it is location before you go to the act to possess no regrets.



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