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Laser Fractionated CO2 Ablative

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The CO2 laser or co2 laser can be used in aesthetic medicine for that destruction of dermatological lesions because the 90s. More lately, fractionated Co2 lasers are utilized in skin rejuvenation, allowing progressive treatment with lighter sequels in resurfacing. skin and it is defects.

Fractional co2 laser machine treatment can be used in three major areas: surgical treatments, aesthetic and dermatological care. In aesthetic and dermatological medicine, it’s accustomed to treat medium and fine wrinkles, pigment disorders, enlarged pores and scars.

Principle and warning signs of fractional lasers

A dotted ablative laser

Rather of abrading the whole the surface of treated skin, this partial ablative laser can create microscopic wells by departing intact skin in between each well (pretty much wide and deep). By healing, these wells will close and cause skin resurfacing with the generation of recent skin cells and also the stimulation of fibroblasts (cells which make bovine collagen within the skin).

The significance of this resurfacing is proportional towards the concentration of the therapy and for that reason towards the operative follow-up.

When compared with conventional abrasion lasers (co2 and erbium), the eye would be to arrive progressively in an equivalent lead to several sessions. Within this situation, the effects of every session (lighter) could be significantly less difficult (a couple of days makeup redness, rather of the week of seeps and bandages).

Social prediction time is greatly reduced and consecutive redness lasts less.


– rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté (wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin), hands …
– attenuation of scars (acne, post-surgical …)
– correction of alterations of the cutaneous aspect (dilated pores, blurred complexion …)
– attenuation of old age tasks (solar lentigo).

Fractional CO2 laser treatment areas

It can be treated on all areas of the body but especially:

– The face
– The neck (the practitioner must respect rigorous precautions to eliminate the risk of scarring)
– The cleavage
– Hands…

Fractional laser skin resurfacing
Preparation before the session

3 to 4 weeks before your laser treatment, it is advisable to rest your skin to minimize the production of melanin (brown pigment of the skin). This precaution considerably reduces the risk of pigment disorders after the treatment. This is particularly important for Asian and African skin.

– Avoid all sun and UV exposure
– Do not apply self-tanning cream.

One week before the start of your session, apply a moisturizer every day to prepare your skin. In predisposed subjects, it is advisable to take a herpes medicine 2 to 3 days before your session to eliminate the risk of a herpes outbreak.

On the day of the session, do not wear makeup. If you are naturally anxious, a mild relaxant may be prescribed. It is also possible to apply your anesthetic cream on the area that will be treated by the practitioner.

Conduct of a session

The duration of the treatment is 15 to 60 minutes depending on the skin surface to be treated. Prior local anesthesia can be performed by the doctor.

The handpiece of the device is moved successively over the entire area to be treated. Fractional ablation of a small area of ​​skin is done with each shot of the laser. If the passage is repeated, the effect will be more marked and the consequences too. It is up to the practitioner to measure his gesture according to the lesions to be treated and the sequences accepted by the patient.



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