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Most Effective Treatments to Reduce Measures

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To determine us once we want, we sometimes require an extra ‘help’. Ideas describe the 5 best options that don’t require scalpel!


Also known as fat removal coolsculpting equipment, it’s a non-invasive method that permanently freezes and disappears fat using a device that ‘pinches’ the region to become treated to have an hour (without greater discomfort these days moving an excessive amount of to avoid it from release).

Losing adipose tissue volume occurs progressively within 30 to 3 months after treatment, which poses hardly any risk towards the patient. With one session per area (abdomen, waist, back, arms or thighs) is sufficient.


The plastic, aesthetic and rebuilding surgeon Gustavo González Zaldívar invented a cutting-edge method to mold the figure that actually works by way of the cold laser, also known as ‘soft’ or soft laser, that has been broadly employed for therapeutic purposes, in rehabilitation medicine, It increases the circulation and search of your skin.

With Lipolux, the this latest device produced through the famous physician in the organization of the biomedical engineer, seven sessions are sufficient to determine truly shocking results.


It’s a device that mixes four techniques (radiofrequency, infrared light, suction and mechanical massage) that together would be the maximum to advertise lymphatic drainage, increase producing bovine collagen, and lower bodily proportions and volume.

With this particular treatment also improves circulation, decreased retained fluids, in addition to cellulite, as the skin regains its elasticity and firmness. The amount of sessions depends upon the preferred results, but a minimum of eight per area are suggested, either abdomen, thighs, legs, back (low or high), arms or regions of localized fat.


It includes the subcutaneous use of co2 (CO2) through micro-injections utilizing a device that controls the rate of gas flow. Although bruising (bruising) is very frequent so when putting it on feels a burning sensation, it’s really worth trying, since it improves local oxygenation and bloodstream flow.

It’s suggested to combat cellulite, localized weight problems, spider veins, skin psoriasis, skin flaccidity and hair loss, in addition to prevent or diminish wrinkles and fine lines evidently, neck, décolleté and hands. 2 to 3 sessions each week (from ten to fifteen as a whole) are recommended to start to note the alterations.


By way of injections (of 2 or 3 ampoules of substance), inside a topical or virtual way (using equipment that transmits electromagnetic waves towards the place to be treated), ‘the meso’ helps you to considerably reduce body volume and combat the flaccidity

It may be put on bottom, legs, abdomen and arms to be able to reduce cellulite and extra fat. A facial level visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines. A minimum of eight sessions are suggested to determine results.



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