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Nd yag Laser Tattoo Removal

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Our team is happy to add to the range of services offered at the CMEB, the erasing of tattoos (removal of tattoos) of various COLORS as well as the erasure of pigment spots (removal of pigment spots) such as: naevus of Ota, pigmentation marks, milk coffee stains, etc … thanks to the acquisition of the nd yag laser.

The tattoo is a drawing made from pigments introduced using a dermograph at the junction of the dermis and the epidermis. There are several forms of tattoos: artistic, permanent makeup, medical (radiotherapy marking).

In the 70s, a real craze for this practice was born, 30 years later the phenomenon continues to grow. The goal, however, is no longer to display its membership in a group, a tribe but to claim its originality, seduce, embellish, provoke, compensate. Although popular with teens or celebrities, tattoos also attract the entire middle class. However, 17-50% of people who get tattooed change their mind within 5 years of the procedure.

The most effective erasure method to date is the nd yag laser. Generally several nd yag lasers must be combined in order to remove the different colors of a tattoo. The nd yag laser combines the 3 most effective wavelengths to erase tattoos of BLUE, GREEN, BLACK and RED colors. The risks of hyper or hypopigmentation are reduced and the procedure is less painful. 4 to 10 sessions may be required at 6 week intervals. Dr. Gauthier will meet you in consultation to determine the cost of each session.



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