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Nn Aesthetic Radio Frequency Treatment

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Before any treatment, there’s a gathering using the physician to look for the treatment area as well as your goals. In this consultation, age your skin is going to be calculated based on the hygiene and lifestyle from the patient. The schedule of rf sessions is going to be established.

In some instances, the physician offer anesthetic cream or cold air desensitization around the place to be treated. More effective devices may need the last taking of analgesics.

A handpiece is used towards the skin from the place to be re-tensioned. The emission of high frequency waves is felt like a heat. The whole section of ??skin that will be resized is treated. Stimulation of bovine collagen production and retraction of existing fibers will be triggered. Typically, a radiotherapy session of eye lift machine lasts half an hour. Generally, five to six sessions spaced roughly 3 days apart are essential with respect to the chronilogical age of the individual and the health of his skin.

Sensitive but tolerable, sessions are spaced 3 days typically. Some devices treat sagging skin in a single sitting.In the first session, you will notice results around the treated area. The outcomes will improve because the sessions progress or even a couple of several weeks following the finish from the treatment. Laser hair removal confers results which are sustainable with time. You should execute a maintenance session every 4 to 12 several weeks (with respect to the device utilized by the specialist).

Well used with an excellent device, it’s a manner of aesthetic medicine that presents little risk. Really the only risk is rare: it’s the burning of your skin when the system is badly adjusted or maybe one insists too lengthy on a single zone (in situation of unskilled manipulator). You will find nonetheless some contraindications.


– Presence of a pacemaker
– Presence of a metal implant
– Pregnancy
– People with melanoma
– Keloids scars.

If you have a rosacea, dermatitis or irritation of the area, then consider postponing your session.
Moles are not a contraindication but it is best to work around them.
Side effects

After your session, it is possible to have some redness and swelling passengers that last a few hours, exceptionally 24h to 48h.
Disadvantages and advantages

– Immediate lifting effect (but for a few days only)
– Ability to refine fatty cellulite
– Care almost painless (depending on the patients) and non-invasive
– Compatible with other tensor skin treatments.

The results are visible, on average, from the 3rd session. According to the indication: one can obtain a smoothed appearance, an improvement of the elasticity and tonicity, a firm oval, a “good-looking” effect.



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