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OPT SHR Revolution For Hair Removal

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You would like a competent device for laser hair removal, but they are also thinking about other cosmetic treatments to improve their selection of services?

Then make a good decision using the E70!

SHR is brief for Super Laser Hair Removal.

It’s a completely new permanent laser hair removal technology with lots of advantages within the outdated IPL method.

SHR works together with pure red-wave light. This energy is released in to the tissue and heated to 45 levels. The thermal reaction results in a selective destruction from the hair follicle.

The SHR method uses low energy densities in conjunction with high repetition rates.

With this particular device, you are able to selectively focus on smaller sized areas like the upper lip in addition to sliding, so that you can treat large areas for example legs, back, arms faster. Because the tissue warms lightly, the treatments can continue as always after 3 days of intense sunshine. You will find thus no lengthy downtimes.

Exactly what does this suggest for the potency of SHR therapy?

The skin remains safe and secure having a skin-friendly cooling method, which ensures a enjoyable treatment. Therefore the hair follicle is treated step-by-step to ensure that no new hair re-grow. Based by ourselves experience of the IPL sector, the unit is easily the most painless device of all our devices. Therefore, the SHR technique is absolutely enjoyable.

Another novelty may be the sliding technique, which enables cure moving.

The actual keeping the handpiece is eliminated, since the new gliding technique represents a breakthrough in permanent laser hair removal. With the advanced software, this product can also be easy to effectively remove fine and lightweight hair. All hair and skin types (Fitzpatrick skin tones I-V) may be treatable by using it.

SHR technology doesn’t focus solely on melanin. Clients meet mainly to do something around the stem cells, which can generate new hair cells, which have the effect of hair regrowth.

Because we are only able to treat your hair within the growth phase effectively, several sessions are essential.

For every treatment, 15-25% from the hairs within the growth phase are recorded, these drop out after 3 – 20 days. Therefore, you’ll need between 6-10 treatments to permanently get rid of the hair.

The SHR technique is absolutely safe because of the new skin-friendly technology. Burns and pigment shifts are reduced to a great minimum and therefore are virtually eliminated when handling the unit correctly.

Our impressive desktop device can perform even more than just apply it laser hair removal.

It provides the potential of skin rejuvenation and pore refinement with the second handpiece, that is attached straight to the unit.

Your skin loses its tension with time. It makes sense wrinkles.

Our prime-energy impulses from the E70 are freed in to the much deeper skin layers. Consequently, the bovine collagen fibers are stimulated and stimulated to regenerate.

The tissue becomes firmer, wrinkles are reduced and pores are refined.

It’s also appropriate to treat acne in addition to acne scarring. The causative bacteria of acne are minimized and there’s a noticable difference in the look of your skin.

Dark spots, small spots of pigmentation and freckles become better and disappear.

Additionally, the vessels at Besenrei?er, Couperose and Rosacae are desolate and destroyed.

The E70 is especially perfect for start-ups, career changers and studios who wish to expand with permanent laser hair removal. The flexible and mobile E70 works together with almost exactly the same efficiency being an SHR OPT hair removal machine. There are just a smaller sized water tank of four liters capacity.

Once you are effective with permanent laser hair removal as well as your quantity of customers grows, you are able to, obviously, exchange your tabletop device for any stand-alone device. Make use of the low energy production and also the excellent return possibilities.

Convince yourself from the E70 at SHR Germany. We are among the leaders in the area of permanent laser hair removal. Make the most of our years of experience in this subject to effectively start your company.

When you purchase a tool you will get a totally free training, all workshop documentation and customer information along with a certificate.

To learn more, begin to see the Training section.



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