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Oxygen Care: Miracle or Reality

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Supply of existence, oxygen is a vital element for that regeneration in our cells, our tissues, our organs, etc. We are able to live days without food, only a couple of minutes without oxygen. Nowadays there are oxygen bars that provide moments of healing by inhalation of pure oxygen. In the area of appearance, several salons happen to be offering oxygen-based take care of a couple of years. A number of you’re most likely wondering if the care is actually effective. Does the body and skin actually need extra oxygen or perhaps is it simply a beautiful-searching fashion?

Fact Number One: The body needs oxygen

Let us first briefly review a fundamental principle from the functioning of the body: the body needs energy to reside. It’s the mixture of nutrients and oxygen found in food that creates this essential energy known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This really is used amongst other things through the cells so they divide and renew themselves (mitochondria process). Epidermal cells possess a existence cycle of 21 to twenty-eight days. They regenerate at the amount of the basal layer (junction between your skin and also the epidermis) and increase to the top of skin, where they keratinize and die. Thus, without oxygen, there’d not be any cell renewal.

Fact Two: Many of us are missing oxygen

Even though oxygen exists at 21% within the atmosphere and now we breathe continuously, several factors can make sure that your body is still missing oxygen. Included in this are stress, loss of focus, the appearance of point or chronic illnesses, prolonged sun exposure, pollution, smoke, etc. The straightforward fact of getting older makes certain that the oxygen supply becomes deficient! Actually, the caliber of the circulatory system and also the capillaries deteriorate as time passes, producing a poor circulation of oxygen. This slowdown negatively affects cell renewal and skin quality. The complexion becomes duller, fine lines and wrinkles appear, tissues relax, etc.

Fact Three: Oxygen offers multiple benefits

The results of oxygen jet peel machine are extremely numerous and positive that people could be crazy to complete without one. Additionally to considerably growing the power level, it increases the circulatory and natural defenses, along with the metabolic functions from the entire body. It cuts down on stress and increases the amount of concentration, while reducing respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous problems, osteo arthritis and headaches. Within the skin, oxygen stimulates cellular metabolic process and bloodstream circulation, nourishes interstitial fluid, connective tissues and also the basal layer, activates cellular regeneration, slows lower aging, strengthens skin structures and it is effects. Antibacterial defenses, eliminates impurities and reduces visible acne. It makes sense more youthful-searching, firmer, smoother, more hydrated skin along with a radiant complexion.

Fact Number 4: Oxygen care is actually effective

Care with pure oxygen can be done because of sophisticated devices for example Vital ? O2 Lux. This technique doesn’t contain an oxygen tank, but itself generates its oxygen. It requires the ambient air, compresses it and filters nitrogen, argon along with other gases in small quantities to retain only 98% pure oxygen in the tanks.



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