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Permanent Laser Hair Removal

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More than a century old technique, the definitive electric hair removal has however evolved a lot since then and proposes a real alternative to the laser. Dr. CATHERINE DE GOURSAC explains the different methods used and the results that can be obtained.

This method involves sliding a skinny electrode, a disposable needle, in to the intussusception from the hair follicle, while using hair like a guide. The needle, with great precision, will catheterize the pilosebaceous canal, with no damage to the follicular sheaths, with no bleeding and without discomfort.

It’s the most appropriate way of treating small surfaces or retouching since the hairs are treated one at a time. It’s also the only real technique in a position to destroy white-colored hairs or hardly any pigmented that it’s impossible to get rid of the Laser.

The thought of ??destroying your hair having a needle by which electricity flows isn’t new but fortunately the process has changed a great deal, which enables to acquire fast, lasting and painless recent results for the individual.

Today the “Vectoriel” system, the most recent generation of current modulation in intensity and time, assists you to combine different laser hair removal techniques: thermolysis, combined technique or “Blend”.


In electrical laser hair removal, consultation is an extremely important step that establishes rapport of trust between your electrologist and also the patient.

She enables to :

Collect information in the patient (hair and skin examination)

Identify any general or local contraindications

Identify the foundation of hair regrowth to provide a personalized and adapted treatment protocol

Provide information towards the patient about the path of treatment

Plan the perfect treatment (Laser, electric laser hair removal)

The various techniques:

Permanent electrical epilation (EED) by thermolysis or thermo-coagulation

Thermolysis or thermo-coagulation (frequency of 13.56 Mhz – the most famous by manufacturers) is understood to be a phenomenon of coagulation through the passage of the high-frequency current driven through the electrode (needle). Because the high-frequency current is definitely an alternating electric current constantly altering polarity, it creates a continuing attraction and repulsion from the electrons developing the atomic structure from the water molecules within the tissues. These movements of attraction and repulsion produce a friction or vibration. This produces a heat effect.

The electrode (needle), however, remains cold.

The albumins from the follicular tissue coagulate, dry up and therefore are therefore destroyed.

Two techniques are utilized in thermolysis so that you can treat various sizes of hair:

The combined current technique has been utilized to reintroduce galvanic current as a way of laser hair removal.

Indeed, it enables to operate concurrently using the galvanic current and also the high-frequency current, while allowing each current to create, inside a minimum time, the response that’s specific into it.

Our prime frequency current boosts the efficiency and producing caustic soda by heating it and developing a turbulence which accentuates its diffusion within the tissues round the electrode (needle).

The combined current technique thus combines the benefits of both techniques, electrolysis and thermolysis, thus making certain a higher amount of efficiency.

The Blend is particularly helpful on large and incredibly large hairs, curved or deformed follicles, persistent regrowths and white-colored hairs.



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