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According to the selective photothermolysis principle, the shorter time of laser acting on skin, the laser energy absorbed by the target tissue is less to spread to the surrounding tissue, the energy will be limited in the target areas needed to be treated and the surrounding tissue is protected. The picosecond laser pulse width is only one percent of nanosecond from the traditional Q-switch laser, its excellent performance of picosecond laser ensure to shatter the pigment particles completely with less damage to the surrounding tissue damage.

The focus technology of picosecond laser makes the energy focus, shatters the pigment into extremely fine particles, greatly reduces the treatment time, so the picosecond laser tattoo removal machine has the benefits of higher pigment clearance and faster speed of pigmentation removal comparing to q switched nd yag laser. The picosecond laser tattoo removal treatment does not harm the skin tissue,low risk of melanin precipitate, makes the skin start self-repair mechanism to promote the regeneration of collagen, to achieve the effect of skin whitening, skin rejuvenation and so on.

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