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Picosecond Laser The best in Laser Tattoo Removal

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Greater than 60% of inked people regret their design, therefore the IML has this picosecond equipment to erase the passage of ink onto the skin. Additionally we deny the most typical myths associated with this practice. The style from the tattoo persists, but increasing numbers of people wish to eliminate some. With this, several laser sessions are utilized, with respect to the size, color or kind of ink, among additional factors. Based on research by Tatualia, greater than 60% of inked people regret their tattoo.

Therefore, to get rid of undesirable tattoos, no matter depth, region, anatomy or color, the Laser Medical Institute (IML) includes a therapeutic arsenal which includes the picosecond laser tattoo removal machine.

The picosecond laser triples the efficiency from the Q-Switched pulses that the tattoos are often labored, by utilizing pulses of 500 picoseconds. This sudden impact, very short, creates a very concentrated energy, whose photomechanical effect fragments the prospective pigments in microparticles easily metabolizable through the organism.

In this manner you receive:

– More respect for that skin.

– Three occasions more efficiency per session.

– Decrease in sessions, whose number is two or three occasions lower.

– Effectiveness most abundant in resistant colors.


More and more, Spanish resorted to laser to get rid of yesteryear in our skin, although frequently the doubts hold us when causeing this to be decision.

1. Tattoos aren’t completely removed. False !: Generally, tattoos could be completely eliminated because of the generation of pulses of one’s having a specific wave length.

2. Tattoos can be taken off along with other methods that aren’t laser. False !: On the web, there’s lots of misleading advertising of miracle creams claiming to get rid of tattoos. However, the laser is in order to with shown effectiveness and proven.

3. You will find colors which are tough to eliminate. True !: pink, yellow and white-colored would be the most resistant colors to laser sessions.

4. It hurts a great deal. False !: The laser session may cause discomfort with respect to the discomfort threshold of every person.

5. The laser is harmful. False !: the laser is protected provided it’s in expert hands. It’s just light billed with energy, also it doesn’t have any from the risks connected using the radiation which is used when you are performing radiological examinations.

6. The outcomes have a lengthy time for you to be outstanding. False !: the outcomes is visible in the first session.

7. Many sessions are necessary to eliminate a tattoo completely. False !: not every tattoos are identical. Generally, to get rid of a tattoo, a minimum of 4 sessions are essential, even though it depends upon many factors for example age, the depth from the drawing, the quantity and kinds of ink used.

8. You can’t remove recent tattoos. True !: To get rid of a current tattoo, the perfect would be to wait six several weeks, since it will likely be once the skin is able to begin its elimination.

9. You can’t tattoo the treated area again. False !: There’s not a problem in coming back to tattoo the region by which an early on tattoo continues to be removed, so long as the recommendation from the specialists is adopted.



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