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Radio Frequency Eye Lift Machine

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Radio frequency is one of the latest advances in medicine. It is one of the few non-invasive and painless procedures designed to improve the laxity of both facial and body skin. In biweekly or monthly sessions of a few minutes duration, the patient can immediately return his social or work activity without setbacks.

The great innovation of radiofrequency is that it does not damage the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin); it only generates intense heat in the middle layer of the dermis, thus causing contraction of the collagen fibers. This contraction leads to a shortening in the length of these fibers and therefore allows lifting of sagging and / or sagging tissues. In addition, the generated heating stimulates fibroblasts of the dermis to manufacture collagen and elastin fibers, thickening the dermis and improving even more the obtained result.

The treatment of rf eye lift machine lasts approximately 40 minutes. A head is applied that transmits the radiofrequency in the areas to be treated and moving it in the direction in which it is desired to cause the lifting or shortening of collagenic fibers. At the same time the equipment has a system to cool the tip of the transducer decreasing the sensation of heat, allowing the procedure to be pleasant.

At the end of the treatment there is a slight redness or erythema that lasts a few minutes. The patient can return to their social and work life and can even sunbathe.

It can be applied to all skin types, even tanned

When radiofrequency is applied, the result is a smoother skin and an evident reduction of wrinkles and sagging. The feeling of straps is immediate, the effect of tension is seen gradually and gradually from the month of treatment and the results usually last approximately two years.

A maintenance session can also be carried out after a few months, when the doctor and patient deem it necessary.

This treatment is ideal for those who have a slight sagging skin on the face and neck, but do not need to perform a surgical facelift.

Radiofrequency is also applied in the treatment of flaccidity that occurs in other locations, such as the inside of the arms and thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Radiofrequency is currently used for the treatment of the periocular region.



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