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Radiofrequency Lift for Face

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Skin slackening from the face, neck and neckline could be improved by utilizing innovative non-invasive technologies. With Endymed’s 3DEEP RF technology, you’ll be able to promote producing a brand new, healthier bovine collagen for any tightening effect of your skin supported with a considerable decrease in the look of wrinkles.

The Endymed DEEP Radiofrequency is tripolar also it releases its heat deep in to the skin, thus staying away from burning the skin. So unlike other radio frequencies available on the market, our treatments concentrate on the deep skin, which makes them more efficient, much more comfortable and safer.

Typically, it’s recommended to complete about 6 sessions of Endymed 3DEEP evidently, neck and neckline. The interval in between each session is going to be evaluated based on the skin condition and also the expected results. Following a treatment, bovine collagen synthesis within the skin continues for the following 3 several weeks. To be able to preserve the outcomes, two to three Radiofrequency sessions each year are suggested.



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