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Rejuvenates Face with Ultrasound Hifu Machine

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The face area is aged largely by the collapse of their structures and also the formation of wrinkles. Aside from sagging skin, sagging from the subcutaneous tissue reaches least as vital. Underneath the skin are some muscles and fat. These structures move and therefore are in the origin of the ‘aged’ look.

This revolutionary method is made to lightly correct the sagging cheekbones and neck. The imagine pulling your skin a little and attaching it greater has become becoming reality, because of the special notched threads which are applied underneath the skin. He’s since experienced many enhancements that frequently make surgery unnecessary.

hifu yarns are fine and notched, not soluble, polypropylene threads. Polypropylene has been utilized for several years like a non-soluble thread in cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and abdominal surgery. It doesn’t cause any negative result of your body (therefore no allergic attack). Because of microscopic notches, sagging skin could be repositioned where it ought to be for any youthful and lively look. Around these threads a fibrin reaction is created, which leads to a noticable difference within the result within the next 12 to 18 several weeks. The hifu facelift is discovered in 1998 in Moscow and it has been much improved through the years.

Which areas may be treatable?

Overall, we are able to discuss 3 areas to deal with:

The low jaw: the low contour from the jaw and area of the neck are lifted. The crease of a corner of the mouth area will fade.

the cheekbones and also the nasolabial fold: the drooping cheekbones are repositioned within their initial position and also the naso-genital fold will diminish considerably.

the eyebrows and also the brow: your eyes is going to be “enlarged”, which leads to a far more lively expression.

Which areas may be treatable?

The hifu facelift lasts about one hour.

After disinfection of your skin, line is attracted under which is introduced the boy hifu. Local anesthesia is going to be administered by a number of stings. First, a distinctive suspension product is planned.

Then your hifu wires is going to be fixed about this suspension system: utilizing a hollow needle the hifu wires are placed underneath the skin and led with the suspension system loops:

the low lengthy hifu wires reposition the jaw contour, the fold from the mouth and also the neck. The happy couple of middle threads lifts the cheekbones and also the nasolabial fold, to revive their initial and natural position. The happy couple of upper hifu threads pull the edges of eyebrows and brow.

It makes sense an very natural facelift from the front from the neck, lower jaw, cheekbones and brow, without cut. There won’t be any visible scar. Then there’s a tweaking in the height from the hair. By pulling around the three pairs of suspension system wires, successively levels the contour from the lower jaw, cheekbones and eyebrows are adjusted.

Finally, fine hifu threads are cut so the ends they are under your skin, securely and imperceptibly.


Caused by the hifu Facelift machine is instantly visible and continuously improve within the next 12 to 18 several weeks.

There aren’t any visible scars. There aren’t any stitches to get rid of along with a bandage is not required.

You are able to go back home soon after the hifu facelift (supported).

Generally you are able to resume your projects 7 days following the procedure.



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