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Remove A Tattoo by Picosecond Laser Machine

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When you get tattooed, you often think it’s for life! And then one day, we can not stand it anymore, like a third of people tattooed (poster American Academy of Dermatology AAD 2013). Here are the solutions to remove a tattoo, this mark became unwanted.

The Picosecond Laser

It is new and the doctors expect a lot. As he breaks the granules of the tattoo more finely than the nanosecond laser, the metabolism of the debris is faster and the patient perceives a lightening of the pigments within the next fortnight, which encourages him to continue the treatment. And we can space the sessions a month and a half instead of two months with a nanosecond laser. Other benefits announced? The reduction in the number of sessions, an efficiency on colors so far difficult to treat such as green or turquoise blue, and simpler sequences. But it is still too early to say that he will come to terms with any skin coloring. “We are optimistic and waiting. It is hoped that it will be more effective, but since it is twice as expensive, it would have to be half the number of sessions.

Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
How does the laser work?

The laser sends photons to a large power in an extremely short time, in billionth of a second with a Q-Switched nanosecond, and in a billionth of a second with the picosecond laser. This energy will explode the large granules of pigments into debris which will then be evacuated by the macrophage cells. The doctor can combine lasers, NdYag and KTP to remove red and black, Alexandrite and other wavelengths for other colors, and now the picosecond to remove more easily many colors, especially green and turquoise blue.
How to remove resistant tattoos?

When everything works, the tattoo disappears progressively, in 3 to 10 sessions. But may he doesn’t work well, that the physician can’t anticipate. It’s considered resistant when there’s no improvement between two treatments. A sizable tattoo within the back can disappear in a single sitting along with a small heart around the wrist in ten. You will find black pigments which go off perfectly, and a few don’t. With a few tattoos, you will find shadows which takes many years to fade.

This complicates the problem:

Throughout the first consultation, the physician asks you concerning the origin of the tattoo and removes any contraindications (pregnancy, tanning, infection, injuries, herpes, systemic disease, anticoagulants …). It cannot commit on the definite quantity of sessions before beginning to manage but you’ll have a concept of ??what to prepare for and really should in almost any situation provide you with a quote. “If your tattoo is saturated with color and relief, just like aInch sculpture tattoo, we all know that it’ll never completely erase.

It hurts ?

Yes, so an anesthetic cream is used within bandage an hour or so . 5 before. Suites ? The treated area is spread having a greasy healing cream for just one week, two times each day. The recovery process lasts ten to fifteen days. The laser coagulates surface proteins, therefore it is red and puffy, also it can bleed in places. The region usually stays sensitive for 2 to 3 days, as though it’d bumped, and small crusts will fall dads and moms such as the following. It’s also easy to have blisters, which should not be pierced, and edema for any couple of days, particularly in many places like the neck or earlobe.



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