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Skin Resurface by Oxygen Facial

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It’s a method to refresh your skin, which will help to correct your skin from the sun and also the results of aging. We are able to make use of a device called hydro facial machine to spray air combined with the gemstone tips with the face, mixing a gentle abrasion using the suction to get rid of the dead and surface of your skin. Just like other skin rejuvenation techniques, several treatment is required to reduce and sometimes eliminate fine wrinkles and undesirable pigmentation.

Microdermabrasion helps to reduce wrinkles, “crow’s ft”, blemishes and acne scarring. Stimulates producing skin cells and bovine collagen. It’s shown to be the most popular non-surgical cosmetic. When used regularly, this technique works wonders on all skin tones: you can use it evidently, neck or the human body. You will observe visible results immediately. Following the treatment of hydro facial machine, you need to use a brush with water to wash the gemstone heads, after cleaning, insert them in 75% alcohol for fifteen minutes, and allow them to dry. Finally, we place it within the ultraviolet radiation sterilizer for the following use.

The supersonic skin scrubber is much more well-liked by beauticians among multiple instruments. The tests ensure its exceptional impact on facial treatment. Changes of electrical vibration of 28000 occasions per second and mechanical vibration with 28000 occasions per second. The transmission effect provides a massage and cleansing. Meanwhile, the deep cells are excited. They are able to effectively remove wrinkles, pimples, spots and debris within the pores so the skin looks white-colored, purified and elastic.

Ultrasound Function

Helpful for removing eye bags and eye circle: using massage function to accelerate bloodstream and lymphatic circulation, along with the function that’s heated to interrupt lower fat and improve hypodermic absorption, thus reducing the more than water and filled fat and lastly eliminate eye circles and eye bags. I massage the attention bags lightly within the same direction because the texture of your skin using the tip from the probe.

Don’t touch the attention directly using the probe.

Swelling or healing scar: use supersonic to massage the diseased part for nearly one minute, thus to prevent scar formation while healed from swelling.Cure sclerosis and rough skin: use supersonic along with liquid glycerin or lubricant to massage, too to enhance the result from the treatment.Enhance the nature of your skin: increases the skin condition by way of the super.



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