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Tested Radiofrequency Sessions on the Face

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At 41, with my ex-smoker’s skin which has taken a tad too much sun, it takes place regularly to inform me which i perform a nothing more than how old irrrve become, that my complexion lacks freshness. After I was requested to check on my small face the Venus Legacy rf protocol a brand new device focused on anti-aging, thinness and skin retraction, I considered the benefits and drawbacks. Its advantage, based on the center of aesthetic medicine: no discomfort or even a rather enjoyable heat effect. Its primary disadvantage, for me: the necessity to do one session each week for eight days in “management of attack” the other session monthly in maintenance. His result? A priori nothing spectacular, but based on women, an effect varying from the good-searching effect (ha, the famous “good-searching effect”) to some visible reduction in wrinkles. Reflection made, I stated yes.

The sessions

When you have the Venus Legacy, all of the sessions occur in much the same way. We lie lower and also the specialist passes firmly around the preferred area the famous device, making small rotations. Indeed, no burn, since it takes care to not allow the camera an excessive amount of heat your skin. Like a priority, she made a decision to treat areas which were causing me problems: an oblong from the face that has a tendency to relax, a dual face that seems. For that wrinkles from the brow, however, she cautioned me that it hadn’t been worthwhile to venture since the skin is here now too smooth, bovine collagen, the “bovine collagen booster” aftereffect of the device n ‘ there wasn’t any effect.

After half an hour top session time, just a little beep. It had been the finish. My cleansed skin would be a little glossy gel that I used to be coated to facilitate the applying, perhaps a little redder than normal, but nothing outstanding. I could shake my hair, take my vehicle and return to work.

In the second session I requested him: “After how lengthy will we begin to see the results?

– Generally, it requires 3 or 4 sessions to determine its plumping effect.

– However I never see anything, I am searching at myself within the mirror carefully, nothing. I am inclined to find myself beautiful when I’ve got a frightful look in most cases I compliment on my small complexion after i party through the night.

– Wait, you will see, it might not originate from you. ”

Finally results

Against all odds, it had been in the finish from the sixth session that came the very first compliment. A squad of buddies I never seen for any 1000 years (a 1000 years = three several weeks) complimented me on the Saturday night about this superb mine.

And So I contacted the final three sessions like a bonus of the superb mine, when, throughout a weekend within my hometown, an old girlfriend that I never seen for 2 1000 years (two 1000 years = 5 ans) states in my experience, “Say, it’s incredible, the years have no hang on you. ”

In 2 nano seconds, time that my brain calculates the ratio benevolence / pleasantness / have to state that if it wasn’t true, I belief that indeed the radiofrequency really needed acted on my small face. Since that time, I look more carefully within the mirror, you will find … It appears in my experience to determine that my skin is more youthful, the furrows throughout my mouth less hollow, my oblong smoother. Most importantly, which is among the negative effects from the treatment, this protocol has acted on my small erythrose. More redness around the T-zone, a magic advantage in the winter months, when my skin is red and white-colored.

The opinion from the physician

I made the decision to inquire about some inquiries to Dr. Adda, that has used this rf process for any couple of years:

Physician, rf, the facts?

The sensation of Venus Legacy sessions represents what individuals say regarding your appearance. this really is reflected in an exceedingly gradual evolution of the caliber of your skin. People state that you appear good, and that is what you are searching for in aesthetic medicine. We’re not within the need for the alteration but of excellent looks.

But exactly how will it all work?

The originality of the concept is based on the synergy of techniques which have proven themselves …

Radiofrequency is really a short wave emission that generates heat by penetrating the tissues. The main one we use includes a variable depth of transmission, allowing the synchronised heating from the tissues to superficial and deep layers of your skin, which induces an instantaneous skin firming, but additionally a progressive significant decrease in the deep cellulite and also the fat under -dermal. Then stimulation from the cells through the pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulates their metabolic process and therefore their natural regeneration. this increases the amount of fibroblasts and also the total synthesis of recent bovine collagen fibers but additionally triggers the development of the new vascular network. This method improves cellular exchanges, optimizes circulation, and enables an elevated way to obtain oxygen, minerals and vitamins, in addition to a better removal of toxins and waste, for visible and lasting results on the caliber of your skin. Utilized in synergy, both of these processes concurrently result in the decrease in fat (lipolysis) and also the revival of bovine collagen and elastin production.

Legacy has two benefits: restore bovine collagen content, raise the skin and stop cellular aging.

How lengthy will the effect last?

Bovine collagen is sort of a spring, which as time passes relaxes. Heat generated through the rf will stimulate producing bovine collagen. The immediate tightening effect lasts 2 or 3 several weeks, the regenerative aftereffect of bovine collagen lasts longer and also the retraction from the bovine collagen fibers is maintained. This is exactly why following the eight very close sessions, I counsel to perform a session each month in maintenance.

When are we able to start?

Aesthetic medicine utilizes a protection against aging, to correct the results of your time after which surgery. I counsel to begin this sort of treatment from 35-age forty.

I saw an impact on my face redness, is that this normal?

Yes this is among the potential side effects of rf, but we don’t communicate onto it since it is and not the preferred effect number 1.



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