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Vacuum Cavitation: We Solve All Your Doubts

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What happens cavitation is? We let you know about laser hair removal that can help tone your body.

Cavitation is definitely an aesthetic treatment that’s presented because the ideal option to liposuction. Works? Obviously, the specialists believe so. Within the this past year, the offers of aesthetic clinics and sweetness centers have multiplied to give to us this revolutionary approach to eliminate localized fat for good.

However, there’s still an excellent insufficient understanding relating to this technique. In the start, when we consider the improvement in prices from the different centers that provide it (from 25 euros a session to around 100) we question if all of the cavitation devices are identical or maybe the applied methodology is going to be correct.

Using these questions and many more, we visited Solana & Rojano beauty center, located in the middle of Madrid. There, they told all of us about cavitation, beginning using its use in the area of appearance: “it started for use in Milan in 2005”, the salon experts inform us. In The country, however, we’d to hold back for some thing to ensure the advantages of laser hair removal. About 5 years ago we started to get at know him more carefully. Nowadays it is among the star treatments to eliminate fat.

What’s cavitation?

Aesthetic cavitation is really a treatment that’s performed via a low frequency ultrasound that, when put on your skin, creates vacuum microbubbles in the fluid or fluid. Within the situation of fat, body fat cells are exposed to some great pressure, which in turn causes the membrane to interrupt and also the fat to enter a liquid condition “simple to eliminate with the urine or even the the lymphatic system”, explain professionals of Solana & Rojano.

Cavitation isn’t a treatment designed to shed weight, but to model your body. It’s suggested most importantly to get rid of localized fat that isn’t eliminated by diet, exercise or any other aesthetic treatments. “Where it’s most noticeable its usefulness is incorporated in the bottom, abdomen and legs, but it is possible in additional areas,” comments us from Solana & Rojano. It’s also suggested for individuals individuals who, while they are thin or in their recommended weight, have a tendency to accumulate fat in a few areas, for example within the sides or perhaps in the gut.

Outcomes of cavitation

The outcomes from the cavitation are visible, experts say, in the third session. And bear in mind that cavitation is definitely supported by other therapies, for example pressure therapy, to empty the whole section of ??diluted fat, radiofrequency to empty and reaffirm, or even the vibratory platform, which may be applied before the cavitation session.

Whether body fat returns or otherwise … Really body fat removed doesn’t return, but … It’s like everything! If we don’t follow-up, new fat cells is going to be created which will grow and, therefore, we’ll possess the skin again as whenever we began the therapy.

Something may be the periodicity from the treatment. “Body fat is eliminated pretty much after four days, so from that moment you may make another session, however with the gear that people use we advise a session once per week and only ever 40 minutes” , they are saying within the center.

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Indications and risks

Individuals with pacemakers or prostheses, pregnant or lactating women, individuals with kidney insufficiency, liver failure, with hypertriglyceridemia or hypercholesterolemia, amongst others, shouldn’t have laser hair removal. “Anyway,” added in the aesthetic center, “becoming an aesthetic process, anybody with any kind of alteration or disease we refer straight to your specialist to really make it obvious whether it’s appropriate for treatment.” And, just like any treatment, the supervision of the physician is definitely good.

Transported to people who don’t present health issues, the potential risks of cavitation are minimal. “A burn could be created by the use of ultrasound, however this happens hardly ever, sometimes there might be some accumulation of localized fat that isn’t well eliminated, however this happens within the situation of not doing the drainage. well the rules from the treatment, the cavitation doesn’t have any complication “, the expert informs us.

We’ve got the technology to use laser hair removal depends upon the middle. “On the market there’s lots of supply with regards to the cavitation machinery, but it is crucial that you cavitate pretty much at 40khz.The ability is controlled with respect to the metabolic rate of the baby that’s exposed towards the treatment, it’s totally different from getting lots of fat mass that little and it is essential to take into consideration in which the fat is situated “, they inform us.

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Regarding the benefits of cavitation, we highlight that:

It’s not an invasive therapy, therefore it stands instead of liposuction.

Attacks exactly where we want it, in which the fat is most resistant.

Their answers are visible: you are able to lose as much as 2 centimeters of perimeter per session, even though it depends upon the situation.

In the third session the end result gets to be more visible.

The therapy, which lasts about 40 minutes, may not be uncomfortable. It’s heard, however, a type of “beep” because of the use of ultrasound, but it’s not annoying.

Following the treatment, your skin remains smooth and without traumatisms.

Considerably improves circulation, eliminates toxins, boosts the tone and elasticity of tissues and it is shown to help regulate intestinal transit.


Cavitation doesn’t involve great pre-treatment, even though it is suggested:

Take proper care of your diet plan throughout the therapy that it is more efficient and also the answers are better.

For cavitation, it’s suggested to consume lots of water both yesterday after, since it is the strategies by which we’ll eliminate fat in liquid form.

Subsequently, a draining or anti-cellulite cream does apply to advertise the removal of fats.



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