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Vigina tightening treatment is a beauty treatment which is to take good care of female’s reproductive system. ODI Laser is a leading beauty machine manufacturer which can offer the high quality HIFU vigina tightening machine and RF vigina tightening machine.

The radio frequency vigina tightening machine acts on the vaginal mucosa layer and muscular layer, stimulates the fibroblasts of lamina propria and muscularis propria regenerate, makes the damaged collagen fibers and elastic fibers etc recombinate, to to thicken the vaginal wall and tightening vigina.

For hifu The vigina tightening device, the treatment area is accurately positioned in the vaginal surface of the mucosal fibrous layer, pelvic floor muscle layer and pelvic fascia layer, using mechanical wave thermal effect, shrink fiber layer and fascia layer, exercise muscle layer and stimulate the cavernous body, promote metabolism of the vaginal wall and enhance the ability of repairing, comprehensive treatment for main issues for vaginal tissue rupture, damage, relaxation etc, finally achieve the purpose of vigina tightening.

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