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Why are some areas of the jersey slower than others?

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Many patients ask why waxing the shirt can cause differences in the effectiveness and rate of hair loss in certain areas. It should be remembered that the efficiency of the hair removal laser is based on the amount of chromophore melanin in the hair. The more melanin, the more energy the laser will be able to produce its lysis effect by heat and the fewer sessions it will take. Conversely, the less melanin, the less the hair increases in temperature and more sessions will be necessary to be effective. Hair that is too thin or too light may even be resistant to laser hair removal.

To summarize: big black hair = good efficiency and few sessions, little light hair = not very effective and many sessions

The zone from the jersey is particular meaning it comprises various kinds of hairs of variable sizes. We are able to schematize 4 primary areas:

the genital region (mont de venus) high, with thick and pigmented terminal hairs (very receptive to laser)

the groin section of the groin or even the lateral fringe of the jersey at its junction using the leg in-front, that also includes, frequently, thick and well-pigmented hairs

the location close to the labia majora with finer hairs, frequently less colored, with folds of skin that may prevent perfect transmission of sunshine (less laser receptivity)

the anterior intergluteal region between your vulva and also the anus, transporting fine to very fine hair (less laser receptivity)

From all of these peculiarities, it may be described that, schematically, the entire section of ??the pubis and junction using the leg fully trust excellent laser treatment with finally a typical quantity of session believed between 4 and 6. On the other hand, the The region of ??the labia majora and also the perineal part are, through the finer structure from the hairs, places that the individual should be expecting less rapid results.



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