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This laser machine DOES work, it takes a few sessions but after the first two, I have seen a 60% reduction in the hair. It grows back slower and thinner. I am confident that almost all of the hair will be reduced to zero by the 3 month mark. I have dark hair and a light skin color. Those two qualities have improved my chances of the machine working on me. Never been more confident in my body!

– by CHERYL W.

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Although Personally, i realize that I’ll never get it done, I believe that in situation of heavy damage or premature aging from the pattern it’s a gesture quite understandable. For instance, certainly one of my tattoos was poorly done but …

Intense Focused Ultrasound is really a new technique targeted at inducing immediate skin rejuvenation. It’s nonsurgical, non-invasive and doesn’t lead to social crowding. This effective and safe technique, non-surgical, non-invasive, resulting in no social eviction. This latest technique uses ultrasound …