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This laser machine DOES work, it takes a few sessions but after the first two, I have seen a 60% reduction in the hair. It grows back slower and thinner. I am confident that almost all of the hair will be reduced to zero by the 3 month mark. I have dark hair and a light skin color. Those two qualities have improved my chances of the machine working on me. Never been more confident in my body!

– by CHERYL W.

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Still looking for the medical aesthetic equipment for your clinic and beauty parlor? We will be your supplier!

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Our team is happy to add to the range of services offered at the CMEB, the erasing of tattoos (removal of tattoos) of various COLORS as well as the erasure of pigment spots (removal of pigment spots) such as: naevus …

The laser emits a hidden light that goes through your skin with no damage to it and it is then absorbed through the pigments from the hair follicle.Laser light, selectively absorbed through the follicle, damages its functions and impairs being …